Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Quote:

So I decided that every day I am going to post a quote that I find. So here is the very first one...

"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am lookingdown."
-- Sara June Parker
HOPE you like them :)

So Long, farewell to summer...

Today seems to be one of many dreary days and I feel a sense of longing for summer, for all warmth is gone and the air is quite blustery. So farewell to the warmth and the sunshine and the long nights because winter is rolling in like a jet. The gray clouds blanket the sky and all animal life is ceasing to be present around the neighborhood. All there is now are deer every once in a while but they keep themselves well concealed. Also the end of term one for myself as a senior in high school is drawing to a stress filled close with finals and projects due but at the same time there is much relief in the knowledge that there is a end to this torment. But the end is a bit ironic as Halloween is just a day or two after the term ends. Term terror ends, Halloween frights begin :). I went on a walk through the woods near my house yesterday and took some pictures that I will put up in a little bit. They are gorgeous and they show how the winter days were rolling in like Helaman's army and the summer days were running away as fast as a bullet. They are pretty cool if I do say so myself! So tune in for those soon!