Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello Friends!
It has been awhile since my last post and I couldn't keep you waiting another minute! I have been enjoying my time here at BYU-Idaho, what a lovely school it truly is! I honestly couldn't see myself anywhere else right now. But, it is hard work, college is! And I can't believe my first semester is coming to a close so soon. I am very grateful to have met some really great people up here and it is slowly coming to the time of goodbyes. I will be moving back home for a few months while I wait until I can come back for the spring semester. It is so very cold up here right now that I don't mind leaving until the spring. But that means that I won't be able to laugh, talk, make inside jokes, sing, cook, walk, grocery shop, eat, watch Once Upon a Time or Grimm, clean, make crafts, take pictures, and just goof around with my newest best friend and room mate Kaitlin Rose! It is sad, but we are planned to live together in off campus housing durning the spring! It will be so fun to come back and see her as well as make more new friends! Also the friends I have make in some of my classes have been amazing and I couldn't have asked for better people to be surrounded by!! The people up here are amazing, I can't wait to see what spring has in store.

But I can't get ahead of myself! I still have the winter season to enjoy! I am so excited to go home and be with my family for a few months!! I will hopefully be working at Xango and I will be doing 7 credits of online classes as well as helping around the house!

But right now I am in a bit of a hard time as of right now but last night I had a grand revelation and I posted it on facebook nd now on here:

"One day we will look back and say, "See that wasn't so hard!" One day we will see the wisdom, strength, and comfort that came out of our battles and hardship. Stay positive now and forever, life's rewards are sweet for those who practice patience until the end."

Love all of you!!