Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Quote:

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to dodoesn't mean it's useless." -- Thomas A. Edison
I love this quote because right now I feel sometimes like things in my life are not going how I wanted or planned them to be but this helps to see that it's okay if they aren't going my way because they are happening for the benefit of my personal well being. This is very comforting to read and then take a minute to pause and take a deep breath and say that everything will work out just fine, because in the end it will be.

Random SideBar...:)

So I was going through my pictures in my dad's computer and found a few pictures of me and they are all at different times during last year and it's funny to see my hair and how it changes :)

Here is the first: My Seventeenth Birthday in Rexburg Idaho, right across the street from BYU-I and the Rexburg LDS temple.

Here is the second: The morning that my senior year began (YEAH)!

The last but definately not least ;) This was at family photos, my singles shot. (My hair is getting SOOOOOO long you should see it now!)

P.S. I had Preference yesterday so I will put pictures of that up in the next week or so. I looked so pretty and so did my gorgeous BFFL Alex. And the boys looked very handsome as well, I had a lot of fun and I will have to tell you all about it when I put pictures up!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Been Quite a While

Well another year has past and I am breaking yet another promise to myself (as you may recall from a few posts ago). I promised to blog everyday and I didn't hold up to it. But surely in the new year spirit I can redeem myself. I have been putting it off, being lazy, and just plain making excuses of being too stressed and loaded with homework and school that I haven't written in a long, long time. But, that is about to change, because I pledge to be devoted to writing. Many people lately have been asking me if I am still writing my novel that I started years ago and the answer was always "no" and then they proceeded to question why, again I would respond that I was just too busy, when in reality I really wasn't. I was just lazy as can be, which that part of me is done with--gone for good, I'm ready to take on new challenges and write with a refreshed passion. I am growing and changing and today marks the beginning of a new day and a new way :) I hope you have a lovely day, I know I will!