Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 2

Okay I first have to tell you that I am sorry i didn't do this yesterday and that yes, I did forget to write about yesterday. But no one's perfect, right? Anywho, yesterday was much like most days but there was only one thing that was definitely different and out of the ordinary. I had five classes but during the fourth one--which is Prostart-- we had a real lockdown. I repeat a REAL lockdown, and it was right before lunch too! I was secretly terrified but I was extremely calm on the outside, if I do say so myself. You are probably wondering why we had a lockdown, huh? Well for everyones benefit, I will tell you. First of all there have been some changes to our school in the past year and a half, like a new walmart, bank, and mc donalds, which have people getting red faces and using colorful language about, but that's besides the point. The thing was, that a person was assaulted outside of the walmart across the street from my school so the police got nervous about us and made us have a lockdown, yippee for everyone :( but I'm fine, thanks for asking. So, that was yesterday's adventure! thanks for reading and stay tuned.
Keep dreaming!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 1

Hello all you bloggers out there! It has been quite the day today and the fun has just begun; and as I promised, I will be writing about every senior moment and day that I have throughout the year.
I would like to start off by saying that today was wonderful! I had an early start with Early Morning AP Psychology which was great. Then I had AP Literature, seminary, and AP Human Geography. I don't have a fourth period so I get to go home at lunch, which is amazing because I will have so much homework! ( OH! I forgot to mention that at my school we have an A day and a B day with four periods per day ) The teachers are really good and they seem like they will make the classes even greater than they already sound. I am very excited for the school year to swing right into motion.
After I came home, I babysat for my mom while she went to Costco, and then waited for my sisters and dad to come home so that we could go to dinner to celebrate the first day of school. We went to The Myan, which is a mexican restruant with a diving show every half hour. It is reall quite amazing how they dive off of 35 feet rock cliffs into a small pool of water. But, tonight I wasn't feeling good and didn't eat very much which wasn't very good and the drive home was worse! I couldn't stand the small confined space and the limited amount of open air, I wanted some one to roll down a window but we were driving on the freeway and the noise wouldn't have helped either, so I was stuck feeling extremely sick to my stomache!
As soon as we got home and out of the car I started feeling a little better and now I feel just fine. A nice warm shower can do a girl some good every once in a while! :)
The house has been quite crazy tonight, all the younger girls were very tired and so they were trowing fits about everything for the longest time, but now all is quiet and calm, which is helping my head to heal quite a bit. But now I have to go do homework and get ready for tomorrow. I have early morning AP psych, sign language 2, chemistry, prostart 1 ( a cooking class ) and painting- a very big day tomorrow- so I need to get my sleep.
Wonderful dreaming everyone!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Senior Year, Let's Make the Best of it!

Hey everyone out there! In a countdown of five days, my last year of high school will begin and I plan on having it be the best one yet. I also plan on documenting every day of it with you. I'm very excited and i hope you are too because it is going to be one great ride. I know there will be days that aren't as good as others but I promise to make the best of it and I hope you stay tuned to read about all of my adventures :) and hope it inspires you to create your own adventures and write about them too. So, here we go on the best year of my life yet...