Blogs I Like

A Beautiful Mess - sisters Elsie + Emma
D E S I G N L O V E F E S T - Bri Emery
His Little Lady - Tanya Jean (aka TJ)
Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries - Taza (who apparently doesn't have a last name...?)
M A I E D A E - Savannah (no last name, again?)
NieNie Dialogues - Stephanie Nielsen
Sincerely, Kinsey - Kinsey Mhire
The Londoner - Rosie Londoner
Kisses&Croissants - Patricia Baret

Fitness + Food
Undressed Skeleton - Taralynn McNitt
Skinny Taste - Gina Homolka
Spoon Fork Bacon - Jenny + Teri
Spoonful of Freckles - Jessie Ann James
Matchstick Molly - Molly (uh.. no last name?)

Bella In Berlin - Isabelle Diederich
One Year. Six Months. Forever - Caitlin {Dain} Broadbent
With Love From Rome - Kaitlin O'Connor
Enlisted - Kira Anjewierden
Sorella Adrianne Bennett - Adrianne Bennett
*for more spiritual blogs I have a whole list of like 50+ blogs right HERE*

Fashion & Makeup
Pink Peonies - Rach Parcell
Zoella - Zoe Sugg

Lauren Elizabeth - Lauren E. Reed
Life As I Know It - Brittney Johanson
Mr & Mrs Powell - Karina Powell
Squinting Your Ears - Rachel (no last name?)
St8 Of Mind - Bre'an (last name? nope?) 
Tid Bits of Liv - Olivia Diederich

Xanthe Berkeley - Xanthe Berkeley
Rae Portraits - Jessica Rae
Sincerely, Kinsey - Kinsey Mhire (repeat from lifestyle)
Something Devine - Hailey Devine
Angela & Ithyle - Angela + Ithyle

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