Dreamer List

There is so much I wish to do in my life. I feel that at the prime age of 19 that I should be living it up! I have so much to live for and so I want to make a list of things I want to accomplish and experience in my life, so yes, as cliche as it seems, this is a kind of "bucket list" for my life but because this is Dreaming Fantasies, it's not just any list, it's the Dreamer's List! I will be adding as I go and crossing off all the ones I accomplish! Here is to making dreams come true and the journey that comes along with it!

*I will have a post connected to each one that is passed off, so you get all the deets on how they went!

1. Marry my best friend in the SLC Temple
2. Serve an LDS Mission -- pending... ( west virginia, august 2013 to february 2015)
3. Learn to shoot a bow + arrow
4. Live in France
5. See OneDirection in concert
6. Humanitarian trip to Sri Lanka, India
7. Learn to speak:
American Sign Language
8. Run a Half-Marathon -- pending... next week baby!
9. Take a year to just travel, touch on every possible continent that you can in 365 days.
10. Earn my concealed weapons permit (no matter how terrifying that is for my mom :) haha)
11. Write and publish a cookbook for College Students
12. Take up videography
11. Cross-country Road Trip on Route 66
12. Graduate College with an Associates of General Studies...
13. Graduate College with a Bachelor's  in ...english? ...culinary arts? ...both?
14. Take a study abroad to Jerusalem
15. Learn to play the Mandolin

Welp, the rest of the list are still thoughts in process.... more to come!

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