Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Time I Was A... Bridesmaid

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I love going home because it's like a mini vacation from school. I figured out that I can't take homework with me because all I want to do is play! Oh, and play I did. A whole bunch!! It was so much fun.


The drive down was so bipolar: 10 minutes of rain, 10 minutes of bright sunshine & repeat for 4.5 hours straight. It was actually pretty amusing!

My best friend is MARRIED, finally!

Kendra Anwarjan.... 
I'm going to have to get used to saying that.
Now, Kendra is the baby of our group of five amiga's! I have known her since elementary school when she moved into the neighborhood and she has been sunshine in my life ever since. It was an honor to be her bridesmaid, too much fun. She was married in the Timpanogos Temple in American Fork on Friday. Kendra and Aktar were just too cute too handle. AND the best part of this was that I was able to witness their sealing in the temple! I am so grateful for how the timing has all worked out for me to witness that. It was absolutely the most precious and special thing I have been apart of since being endowed 3.5 weeks ago. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day Kenji, it was such a sweet experience!

(Brittney, Me, Aktar, Kendra & Amy)

They are sooooo in love...
Congrats Mr & Mrs Anwarjan!

Then on Saturday I went shopping with my mom in the morning to get some missionary clothes shopping in because I won't have much time when I finally graduate from BYU-Idaho in July. We found quite a bit of stuff which was SO nice and much needed! 

After all of that I took my cousin Brittney out to dinner for an early birthday celebration since it's this coming Sunday and I will be back up at school :( *Britt I hope you got your letter* We went out to Thai Village, Brittney's request which I was happy with since I LOVE that place -- I crave it all the time, then we went to the 7:15pm showing of The Great Gatsby!! A high school favorite of both Brittney and I. It was very well done and absolutely beautiful! In all, it was such a fun night, something I truly needed after a very hard week at school. 

Also, Mother's Day on Sunday was a pretty bittersweet day. I wanted to stay forever and celebrate and just never leave my family. It was such a good Sunday. My dad even got back from his business trip just in time to see me off. I love my family too much and I honestly didn't want to go back to school after spending the weekend home with them.

Finally got a picture of the Idaho Sign coming back to school!! Yay!

I was back in Rexburg just as the sun was setting. I was exhausted and just wanted to crash on my bed and sleep but I had some major projects that needed to be finished by Monday morning. Worst. Feeling. Ever.  I guess I should have expected that though, since I never did any school while I was home. I actually left everything in the trunk for the night and just took my laptop up to my apartment for the night, but I was so tired that nothing could get done so I finally forced myself to go to bed and worry about school the next morning.

I loved every minute I was home and can't wait to go home in a couple weeks to see Shaelie Walk, high school diploma in hand!! :)

Until next time!

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